AGENCY NEWS: MCCA initiative to boost industry talent

The Marketing Communications Consultants Association has launched a new initiative to encourage and support its member agencies to attract and retain talent in the industry.

The People First initiative, created in response to recent cutbacks on training and recruitment and the negative implications this can have on agencies, will allow members to develop talent through programs designed to ‘engage and inspire individuals throughout their career.’

People First will focus on three key areas; retaining and attracting talent, affordable and relevant training for all levels, and methods of sharing knowledge.

As part of the initiative, the MCCA has partnered with several top business universities, including Oxford Brooks and Kingston Business School, allowing agencies to benefit from work placement programs for employees and guest lecturing opportunities.

In addition to launching People First, the MCCA is set to unveil a new set of training courses including ‘excellence in account leadership,’ ‘excellence in digital communications’ and ‘getting out great work.’

Suzanne Barnes, head of people development at the MCCA, said, “In tough economic times, one of the first casualties is a consistent investment in the workforce. Understandably, agencies tend to prioritize client relationships over the internal training agenda.

“By launching People First, we want to make it easier for agencies to look after their talent and help recruit the best people. By linking up with top universities and offering affordable training at all levels, we hope to inspire individuals throughout their career and help the industry avoid a skills shortage in the future.”

The People First program will also include an online forum, to enable agencies to learn and share knowledge, as well as sharing best practice templates.

Posted by on July 5, 2010