White Hat SEO Technique

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important steps any online business can take in order to improve their website’s search ranking and generate more traffic. White Hat SEO strategies are heroes in search engines terminology, as these strategies work within search engine terms of service to increase a websites ranking on the SERP (search engine result page). In SEO terms a website is ranked according to its quality content, original and unique contents, links and other relevant factors. These strategies have been approved by top search engines and are thus a form of legitimate SEO.


The best practices associated with white hat SEO include the use of a domain name, which must be related to business, keywords, a description and title. Link building techniques include relevant inbound links from relevant sites and websites. These techniques help a website to rank higher for its chosen key words. It should be remembered that there is no free lunch in search engine optimization and one cannot expect to rank higher just by copying and pasting content from other sites. This includes content syndication where articles are picked up and reprinted and distributed to the relevant websites.

Some of the top black hat seo strategies include keyword stuffing, the use of backlinks, keyword searching and using SEO keywords. These are considered to be unethical SEO and are banned by search engines. Moreover, these practices often lead to the banning of the website from the search index. Black hat SEO practices such as posting meaningless comments on blogspots, forums and other sites are also considered to be unethical and do not contribute positively towards the optimization of the website. However, black hat seo techniques like directory submission can sometimes be helpful in improving a website’s ranking.

The use of social media is seen to be another emerging marketing strategy and has been used by many SEO firms to promote their websites. Social media allows users to interact with each other and share information. This sharing of information creates a buzz about the site and helps it to be noticed by more people and ultimately improve its ranking in search engine result pages. Social media strategies include social bookmarking, video marketing and podcasting and so on.

Another white hat SEO technique is the use of link building, which is a two-step process. Link building can be done by getting in touch with other websites and get reciprocal links on their sites that point back to the parent website. This link building helps in improving the site’s page rank and thus increases traffic. A good example of a link building service is a website where you get various services for free and then have to pay if you want a professional link building campaign.

There is also a need for SEO companies to hire professionals who are experts in using keywords to help achieve better rankings in search engine results pages. This helps in making relevant content, web designs, blogs and so on to create better consumer awareness. This can in turn help in achieving higher rankings in SERPs and hence improve the number of conversions. A company which uses these white hat techniques helps in improving rankings and subsequently improving customer satisfaction.

Posted by on July 24, 2021