SERVPRO Can Help You Recover After Catastrophic Disasters

SERVPRO Can Help You Recover After Catastrophic Disasters

Never had time to do your yearly spring cleaning yet? Feeling overwhelmed? Then it’s time to call in the specialists. SERVPRO offers high-class commercial cleaning services with the following:

Post Construction Cleanup.

Cleaning following major construction projects is tough and requires specialized equipment. As an expert in water damage restoration, SERVPRO can help. They specialize in removing hazardous materials, asbestos removal, lead abatement, and more.

Flood Damage Restoration.

When property owners experience a natural disaster, such as flooding, they must take care of all the necessary repairs. However, many flood victims are unaware of the damage that can happen underground, so here is where SERVPRO comes in. They are experts at flood damage restoration project since they have experience working in such disasters. They will bring in heavy-duty equipment to protect you, as well as proper trained personnel who can clean up contaminated areas and dispose of damaged items.

Fire Damage Restoration.

No one wants to lose everything in their house in a fire. After the smoke clears, it’s time to get things back to normal again, and this is exactly what Franchisors like SERVPRO can do for you. Whether you need fire restoration services for a commercial location or for residential homes, they have you covered. From water cleanup to restoring carpets and walls, they can help.

Health Insurance Coverage. Professional cleaning services include biohazard coverage to protect your business and employees from contaminated air ducts after a disaster. If your building has been flooded, there might be health hazards inside of it, especially if there are pregnant women or children inside. By covering all of these risks, you can save more money on medical bills that result from these disasters.

Water Damage Cleanup.

No matter how much cleaning services incorporate biohazard materials into their procedures, there is always a chance that water damage will occur. Even if you have flood insurance, there could be instances where water damage still occurs without flood insurance, so you’ll need SERVPRO to cover the cleanup costs from blood, vomit, and so forth. You never know when water damage will happen in your building.

Storm Damage Removal.

Whether your home has a drywall surface or there is water damage all over, you can rest assured that professionals with SERVPRO will make sure you’re safe. Water cleanup is not always easy, and there is no water removal company that’s easier than SERVPRO. Aside from the fact that they have the right equipment for all water damage emergencies, they also know how to deal with contractors. If you need emergency water removal services, you should definitely call SERVPRO to come out and take care of the job for you.

Fire Restoration.

Just like water cleanup, there is also a lot that goes into fire restoration. Aside from water damage, there is smoke and soot damage, which is another hazard that professionals can address quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s an electrical fire or a grease fire, you can rest assured that you can have your building restored to good health and order once more by contacting professionals who have been through fire restoration training. You can call them for clean up and restoration services, or to assist with any kind of fire emergency.

Smoke Damage Restoration.

One of the worst things that can happen in a home is a fire. With soot and smoke damage, there is the threat of toxic smoke getting into your home. However, your fire restoration service can deal with smoke damage as well, and experts can restore your home to like-new again. If your home has caught fire, it is best to contact a restoration service before the fire gets too extensive to control.

Flooding Restoration.

Whether you have a small flood or a major flood, there is no way to predict when water damage will occur. In fact, if you live in a region that typically experiences floods, it would be wise to keep a close eye on your property to make sure that nothing gets damaged. The key to flood cleanup is identifying the source of the flooding and then working with professionals who know how to properly handle water damage. The last thing you want is to have a ruined property, and SERVPRO can help.

Even though there are plenty of emergencies that can occur, there is no reason for you to be unprepared. SERVPRO has plenty of experience helping businesses and individuals deal with disasters and emergencies. If you’ve experienced a flood or other water damage caused by a natural disaster, call the experts at SERVPRO for flood and water restoration services. They will take care of everything for you, from cleaning up water damage to restoring your building to its pre-incident condition. No matter what the issue is, you can trust the experts at SERVPRO to come and save the day.

Posted by on September 26, 2001