SERVPRO Services: Sanitation and Inspection

SERVPRO Services of Sanitation and Inspection

SERVPRO knows the fear that comes with dealing with a disaster when water or fire damages your house or company. Our expertly trained team is accustomed to dealing with these emergencies, and we work to minimize the inconvenience for you so that you can get back on track quickly so that you can get back to living life normally. From small fires to large-scale disasters, our experts are prepared to help you solve problems quickly. Our water restoration company responds to water damage of all types, large or small. Whether it’s flooding or a simple leak, our teams can help. From the moment a disaster strikes, our team of experts is on the way to resolving any water problem faced by your company.

The water restoration company works closely with you throughout the entire process. Whether it’s just water damage or the repair of a major flood, our experts will help you from the start to the finish, working with you every step of the way to ensure the job is done right. From hiring a team of specialists to coordinating every step of the way, our servicing and restoration services ensure a comprehensive and safe cleanup.

From hiring professionals such as an engineer who can assess the situation and give you a full water restoration plan, to having the experts do the work yourself so that you don’t have to waste time or money, getting help can be as easy as a few clicks away. For example, our ServPro Professionals can come to your rescue after flooding in your home. Depending on the severity of the situation, we can come to your rescue as soon as 24 hours from the time of initial flooding. From there, we provide you with a one-time fee for a removal van, an engineer who can assess the water damage, cleanup materials and a licensed contractor, depending on the damage. Once the job is complete, our professionals will return your calls, email you photos and updates on your water loss, as well as schedule an inspection within the next two weeks.

Our Water Restoration Companies offer quick response to emergency water cleanup, which can help save valuable time in the process. Fire damage and water cleanup can also be addressed quickly following a tragedy. Whether it’s a fire or water leak, our water cleanup service provider can help. From the time the fire breaks out, all the way through the clean up to the point of disassembly, our professionals work with you every step of the way. Our fire restoration company offers services such as: fire restoration, water cleanup and structural water restoration.

As part of their comprehensive service, our Sanitation and Inspection teams will sanitize and disinfect all surfaces in your home using state of the art technology. This includes bathrooms, kitchens and floors, depending upon the nature of the disaster. We sanitize all water sources, equipment and furnishings to get rid of bacteria and germs. Once the water has been cleared, our Sanitation and Inspection team can then begin restoring your belongings and home to its preloss condition. Depending upon the nature of the disaster, this can include reupholstering, refinishing, carpet cleaning and disinfecting.

In terms of providing emergency restoration service, our Sanitation and Inspection team has what it takes to handle any situation that might arise. For example, fire restoration involves a high level of professional expertise. Depending upon the type of fire, we can handle wood, metal and other material fires. In addition, if the home lost electricity or water during the disaster, our restoration experts can ensure that everything is up to code and operational again.

In terms of providing after hurricane care, many Sanitation and Inspection professionals are also licensed in water damage restoration. Depending upon the nature of the disaster and the extent of the water loss, our water damage restoration specialists are trained and certified in the most advanced technologies and equipment. For example, most Sanitation and Inspection professionals are trained to use robotic arms or cranes to access flooded basements and attics. They may also be capable of accessing water damaged structures like attics where electrical panels are compromised and water can enter through cracks.

In addition, many Sanitation and Inspection professionals have years of experience in sanitizing or removing mold if there was water damage. Depending on the type of mold damage, our restoration experts can remove mold with either a steam cleaner or air scrubber. We may need to restore the carpet and other flooring to a state before they are able to start living again, but rest assured that our professionals can restore your property to an excellent sanitizing state. Restoration Sanitation and Inspection will ensure that your restoration project will be finished faster and in less time than expected if you choose to hire one of our experienced restoration technicians. Contact Sanitation and Inspection to schedule a free consultation so you may discuss your sanitizing needs and immediate needs for your property.

Posted by on September 26, 2000