Car rental companies

A car rental, vehicle lease, or car rental agency is a business which leases cars for short periods of time, usually from several days to a week. Cars are available at different prices and the customer can choose the one which is most affordable. Before going on a rent a car rental trip, one should collect all the necessary documents such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, valid drivers insurance, and pay the required amount in advance. One should not plan to drive during the trip as the car might be not in good condition or could have any problems which would make the travel unpleasant. Therefore, one should make sure that the car is ready before starting the trip.

Before the rental company sends the car on a trip, it checks all the necessary things such as its working condition, tires condition, transmission condition, and engine condition. If the car rental company finds any of these things to be damaged then it will notify the customer before the rental commences. It is advised to take a test drive with the rental car prior to the rental date as it is the customer’s responsibility to check whether the car is in good condition. Most of the car rental companies provide a free damage waiver along with the rental agreement. The damage waiver contains the terms and conditions of the rental company and provides protection from personal accident claims, theft claim, and uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage.

The customer should not rent any vehicle without first visiting the rental agency and getting the required information about the rental. Before renting any vehicle, a customer should always ask for the service fee and the deposit. After paying the fee and deposit, the customer should obtain a copy of the confirmation sent by the rental company and go to the rental agency’s office to collect the car. Car rental companies allow customers to return the rented car on the expiry day of the agreement or the day that the person’s contract of renting the vehicle expires. If a customer does not return the car after the expiry day, then the policy holder may cancel the contract without giving any reasons.

Posted by on September 29, 1996