Building a Great Church Marketing Website

Building a Great Church Marketing Website

Church marketing is important since it enables churches to be found online. It is also equally important since it enables churches to expand their internet presence without having to engage in expensive TV advertising, newspaper ads, or mail out a bulk mail to everyone. However, churches should be careful about the strategies they use for church marketing. For example, they should not overdo SEO in their website design since the key objective here is for people to find the church online and eventually find out more about it. Here are some tips:

* When choosing a church marketing platform, look for those that offer a user-friendly interface and that are relatively easy to use. Many websites are difficult to navigate and most users end up leaving the page almost as soon as they arrive. Avoid poorly designed platforms that leave visitors frustrated after trying to find the information they need. A good church website builder should have excellent search functionality so that users do not waste time searching for what they need.

* Good church website builders offer a variety of video options. Some offer the most basic features, such as just text and a logo, and others offer a wide array of formats including PSD, flash, and other file formats. Good quality video players must have good transferability, which means that viewers can easily transfer video from one player to another. It should also support constant frame rates so that viewers do not have to stop the video player to sync a new image.

* When designing your website, look for designers who offer a variety of transferability options. Good designers know how to optimize images so that viewers can easily transfer them between various platforms and devices. In addition, good designers have interfaces that are easy to navigate and that make transferring photos and videos as easy as possible. Some churches even use PDF conversion services so that they can provide members and their families with an electronic copy of the church’s printed materials.

* Good website design service providers should provide additional functionality such as online RSVPs and online clergy recruitment. Online RSVPs allow church members to encourage attendances without spending time physically checking RSVPs each morning. They also make it easier for church leaders to send out announcements and requests for attendance without actually printing invitations. Additionally, they can make submitting church events and service program applications easy for church members who want to submit pertinent data or information to the church. Such services will also have an effect on the overall efficiency and productivity of the website.

* Good website builders allow you to save time and money by avoiding common mistakes made by churches with less comprehensive website packages. Many times, church event planners or marketing consultants will buy website design packages that include templates and widgets but do not provide a consistent transferability of the information contained within those templates. Other times, such builders may provide you with the ability to easily modify or customize your own webpage but only in regard to the appearance of the page. In both cases, transferring customization and functionality from the website to your own personal webpage is a big cost saver.

* Good website builders will provide you with the ability to access web pages in different formats. Good platforms also provide the option to seamlessly connect your website to your social media accounts, blogs, and email list. You’ll be able to access all of these tools without needing to learn any programming code. This means that your websites will look like the real thing.

* Good website builders will offer easy upload and video options. There are some companies that provide these services. If you have live video streaming capabilities, that means that your church members can see you on the spot and discuss various church activities while they’re at the front of their seats. Some platforms also give you the option to add background music. This means that your church members can hear just the prelude to your upcoming activity while the video streams. Having an easy to use and customizable video building tool with a variety of video options is a smart move for a church marketing program.

Posted by on March 22, 1998