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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Anyway?

SEO is the process of increasing the number and quality of visitors to your site via natural search engine results. A higher ranking when a person searches a word related to your industry raises your brand’s visibility online. This, in turn, presents you with more opportunities to turn qualified leads into actual customers. In order to capitalize on this ever-increasing trend, it’s wise to develop an SEO strategy that leverages your company’s strengths and ensures that

SEO As a Company Image

The SEO community has been discussing the importance of Google’s latest search update for some time. It seems the update to the algorithm used by Google to rank web pages has really divided the community. Some feel it eliminates SEO entirely while others seem to see the update as a benefit. I believe both sides have valid points and it is up to you to decide which way you will go. To me, the biggest benefit

What Does An SEO Audit Entail?

What Does An SEO Audit Entail? Basically, SEO audit is an ongoing process of improving and perfecting a particular site s internet relevancy with the aim of driving maximum traffic to it. This process generally includes various important components of a site such as site architecture, page-specific issues, indexing, keyword research, backlink analysis and social-media involvement. In short, this process identifies all those factors which have direct or indirect effects on the popularity of a site

Internet Marketing Strategies: Digital Marketing Report

Internet Marketing Strategies: Digital Marketing Report Digital marketing visibility is about the creation of online visibility, public perception and positive reputation of a specific business or identity and name. The theory and aim of digital marketing visibility relate to gain a business s branding proposition out in the public, thereby generating a profitable, positive result. Digital Marketing Visibility is related to online reputation management. The aim of Digital Marketing Visibility is to build and cultivate online

How Franchise SEO Can Help Expand A Business’ Scope

What exactly is Franchise SEO? Franchise SEO services specialize in improving the visibility of a franchise site or franchise locations on the web. Effective strategies will differ significantly according to the ultimate goal of the franchise. For instance, some franchises focus on attracting customers through a website while others work to attract buyers by way of a blog or similar content-creation mechanism. A few others aim to provide solutions to problems associated with duplicate content on

SEO Services That Can Really Increase Your Sales

SEO Services That Can Really Increase Your Sales When it comes to online marketing SEO can be a big help. SEO will live forever if people adopt good practices when choosing a search engine to perform their searches. It doesn’t matter which SEO technique you use, if people don’t find your site or article you won’t make any money. SEO can mean the difference between making money or not making money from your efforts. Let’s look

Optimizing Your Site for SEO

What is an SEO Audit? Prior to jumping into the SEO audits process, there are some tools you will need to experiment with to assist make this whole process go as smooth as possible. The tools most commonly needed for an SEO audit are those that help you check on the content of your website. Can your website content be improved by adding a keyword density to it? Will it be easier for users to find

Increase Online Sales Through Geo Targeting

Top 12 ways to increase online sales through experiences include geo-targeted ads, geo-targeted e-mail campaigns, consumer loyalty programs, and online surveys. Combine all of these strategies with consumer loyalty, and you will drive more visitors to your website and ultimately increase your overall sales! Read on for more info. One of the best ways to increase sales is to use reviews to increase sales. Reviews are one of the best ways to entice people to visit

Understanding Local SEO Strategies Part 4

Local SEO refers to the holistic process of becoming a local business one which serves a certain geographic area to rank higher in organic search results and become more prominent in the organic results. Unlike an automated software firm such as a Google Sitemaps firm which may serve consumers all around the world, localized businesses only service people in a particular city (i.e. restaurants), state (i.e. So how is this relevant to the content? Google understands

High-Quality SEO Content For Websites and Blog Posts

Many business owners think that SEO content writing is all about stuffing keywords into as many articles as possible and submitting them to the top search engines. This is a popular misconception. SEO content writing applies to nearly any web page aiming to drive targeted traffic to your site. This is done by using different kinds of copywriting techniques to engage your readers and get them to take action. The purpose is not simply to push